About us


CrossFit Impi is conveniently located on the campus of Bishops Diocesan College in the heart of Rondebosch.


We have access to safe parking, rugby & cricket fields, an athletics track, swimming pools, and an outdoor army style pole-gym, so your training won’t be limited to the four walls of the box – expect the unexpected – we will keep training as fresh, functional and fun as possible.



Why choose CrossFit Impi? What makes us different?


Safety first


Although Crossfit is a high intensity training program (that gets some serious results), the program is run by a qualified and experienced Biokineticist, who understands the human body, understands injuries, and knows how to treat and modify exercises to suit your needs. The programing is designed and  modified by the biokineticist to ensure maximum results with minimal risk. Our goal is strive towards a healthy, better you, but keep you as safe as possible on this amazing journey.


Community & Support


When you join CrossFit Impi, you don’t just buy into a training program, but a community who cares about you. It is our mission to service and really look after the needs of the “Impi’ community. The real beauty of the program is the support and encouragement you’ll get from your fellow athlete.


It is our aim to really get to know each and every member, to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, where strangers become friends and where even the last person to finish is cheered on like hero by the others, and no matter how bad your day has been, you always want to come back for some “CrossFit therapy”.

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