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Jenny Boonzaier


1. Why you chose CF Impi

Besides being conveniently close to my home and work, the fact that the gym is run by Bio's really appealed me. I have had some injuries in the past that occasionally come back to haunt me and having expert coaches is really important to me when I need a recommendation for alternatives to the programmed workout.


2. What do you like about Impi

Impi has created a really fun and friendly culture - everyone feels welcome and part of the team. The camaraderie and encouragement in the classes really helps me get through the tough workouts.

I love (and hate) that, even though I notice improvements in my strength and fitness, I never feel that a workout was easy - I am always pushed out of my comfort zone! I believe the coaches are really invested in helping everyone improve, no matter what your starting base is. When you do well, or even just your best, everyone celebrates with you.

Impi is the kind of place that cheers loudest for the person finishing last. I regularly feel like a rock star :-) It's what keeps me coming back!


3. How has Impi benefited your life (Changed your life, lifestyle)

The approach is not just about fitness, Impi is interested in your overall well-being. I have learnt so much about proper nutrition and it has really impacted me positively, especially the last few months of the wellness challenge. Previously I thought I was eating well and couldn't understand why I was not seeing results. Through a bit of trial and error and filtering through all the valuable advise received, I think I have finally found a eating lifestyle that is fuelling me properly. I feel stronger in my workouts, I have more energy, I am sleeping better and I am just a happier person.


4. Anything apart from the above that you would like to add?

Thanks for putting up with all my back-chat and entertaining my attempts at negotiating the rowing distances :-)


5. Before and after photo's


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